nawmalEDU FAQ
You will receive an email with your account information (username, password and serial number) and a link to download nawmalEDU installer. Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the instructions. Please note, if you experience issues with the install process, you may need to temporarily disable any anti-virus software running on your computer.
Please check in your spam or junk mail folder. Sometimes, because of the download links included in your trial email, a spam filter might redirect your "welcome" email with the instructions, username and password to the dark and lonely confines of a spam email folder.
To use all the functionalities of nawmalEDU, you do need to be connected to the internet. However, we have made best efforts to enable you to still create content even if the creative urge overtakes you when you can't connect. You will be able to edit and create new scenes but you won't be able to render out video, nor use some of the features which require internet access.
You have many different video output formats such as: MP4 (H264), AVI, MPEG and WMV. You also have the following aspect ratios: SD, the traditional TV format (4:3), HD (16:9), and a few others used in cinema (35mm 3:2, Widescreen 1.85:1 and Superwide 2.35:1.) You can also save individual images, one frame per image, as PNG files.
Take this video for instance. It is an MP4 in 720p and the file size is 6.8 MB for a duration of 59 seconds. Note that the file size varies with the content.
There is a distinction between EDU and MAKE (nawmal's professional version of the software) on the level of available features and also with respect to commercial activities. It is important to us to respect and support the rights and interests of our clients and the companies that we work with, who have been kind enough to make a distinction between commercial and non-commercial use.

In this context, "commercial use" means (but not limited to) generating revenue through sale of or subscription to the video, or content including the video, advertising or promotional use, paid services (work-for-hire) to create videos, etc. EDU is fine for creating a video to share and show (even for repeat showings) but not if money is being made from exploiting the video. If you have a query regarding a specific use for the videos that is not addressed here, please contact us at
You can, but only with a subscription to nawmalMAKE - which comes with full commercial usage rights.
You may show the videos you create with nawmalEDU as long as you are not charging to show the videos. If you are charging a fee, then please create the videos with nawmalMAKE to have the appropriate usage rights.
You may. You own the videos you create, and can show and use them repeatedly. There is no additional fee to do this, and you do not need to have an active subscription to show your videos.
nawmalEDU comes with over 250 characters and dozens of sets. No additional assets are currently available.
There are no additional gestures and facial expressions in the paid version; you have access to all of them in the trial version.
Not currently. This is something we intend to add in the future.
Currently the text-to-speech in nawmalEDU includes six languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Italian and Spanish. We are looking at ways of making additional languages available.
Not currently. We are working on to allow the creation and modification of sets and characters for use in nawmalEDU.
There are a few different reasons why you might get this response when a payment fails:
- Some corporate or government cards can only be used for certain business categories, like travel or healthcare. If this is the case, please make sure "learning" or "education" is included as a category on the card you use.
- Some cards have restrictions on cross-border usage. If the card was issued in a country other than in Canada, this might be the problem. In this case, please contact your bank to see if your card has this restriction.
Some sets have inbuilt screens that can display BMP, JPEG or PNG format images, or MP4, MPEG, AVI videos. Audio files (sounds or music) as MP3 and WAV files can also be added. This is a great way to add logos, graphics or information to a scene.
There is currently no direct import, but if you render your slides as .png or .jpeg images, you can insert them in the inbuilt screens in certain sets. You can also export the transitions and effects as video, and insert them on the "screens". We suggest exporting each of the slides separately as this will allow for better and easier control of when they appear in your movie.
Not currently. We are working on to allow the creation and modification of sets and characters for use in nawmalEDU.
Automatic creation of Close Captioning is an option when you export your video, enabling rapid authoring of videos with improved 508 Compliance.
nawmalEDU saves all of your project files and exported videos on your PC. Nothing is saved in the cloud. They are your to own and keep, and to post and share as you desire.
nawmalEDU is a Windows desktop applications. You can run it on your Mac using Parallels Desktop or BootCamp. A MacOS version is planned.
Yes you do. Parallels Desktop is a PC virtualizer. It's like having a PC inside your Mac. It requires a valid license of Windows 10 to run a Windows programs like nawmalEDU.
Your PC (or Mac running Parallels or BootCamp) should have at least an i3 processor with 4GB of memory.
You can select where your movies are exported - typically onto your computer's hard-drive. From there you can publish them manually to YouTube.
You computer needs access to our server for the original download of the application, and for the installation of additional voices, characters and sets. Also, nawmalEDU needs to periodically contact our servers to verify that you have a valid license.
nawmalEDU is for the production of non-commercial content, intended for use as an educational aid. You can a get more detailed comparison here.
Some sets have inbuilt screens that can display BMP, JPEG or PNG format images, or MP4, MPEG, AVI videos. Audio files (sounds or music) as MP3 and WAV files can also be added. This is a great way to add logos, graphics or information to a scene. Please note that with nawmalEDU you can only import photos.
Yes! While you are not connected to the internet, you can do everything except exporting movies or installing new characters, sets or voices. You can work on your project and save it on disc. Then next time you connect to the internet you can export your video.
Depending on your computer you can experience slight pauses on the first playback after changes to you projects, but it should run smoothly afterwards. Once exported to a video file, you can play your video without any loading time using Windows Media Player, or VLC, or other media players.
xtranormal closed their website and their business activities in 2013. The technology and digital assets (characters and sets) were acquired by nawmal, a new and unrelated company. Unfortunately, after closed, access to the user accounts, projects and videos hosted on the servers was not recuperable.
All movies and account data was lost when xtranormal stopped operations. We have no means of accessing any of that data.