My son loves it!! I've told some other ASD parents about your product. My son can and does communicate, but as I watch him use your program, he gets so creative. I truly see that his passion is in recording and making movies. He loves using Nawmal to record and listen back. This is an amazing program!! Thank you so much!

- Shawn (parent)

My son uses nawmal as a communication aid, but also to express himself creatively, and to express his frustrations.

Helps me better understand what is frustrating him - through his clearer communication.

- Nina (parent)

My son has communication, but poor social interaction due to his Autism.
He uses the platform for fun activities, mainly video creating, to help express himself such as feelings and instances like getting into trouble. For example he is in a class with a few friends and a Teacher - and the Teacher forgets they are in and locks them in class by accident and they have to stay in the school overnight !!

He likes scenarios with extreme results like getting locked in or getting into trouble -
he has a sense of humor, and this is portrayed in his videos.

The application helps him to express himself
- he can read and write so he can really express himself through the keyboard by typing his wishes and desires.  He cannot always interpret his feelings other than writing things down.  

He creates scenarios based on his experiences and things that he has seen at school.

- Hayley (parent)

We have been using the software to make modeling videos for my oldest daughter (who is high functioning autistic). She also used your program for high-school projects. Her teachers were impressed by her humorous videos.

Using your program to make videos my daughter was able to better formulate her thoughts. She had no trouble using all the tools available after I briefly showed her what each did. I loved the emotions tool! It showed her, using simple labels, what each emotion "Looked Like". In creating her videos she learned a bit about the social side (emotions tied to facial expressions and gestures).  

I think your product works even better for those with autism when they use it themselves.

- Alicia (parent)

It's a great product!  My students with Autism used it to animate their speeches, as they have difficulty speaking in front of their class.
- Jessica (teacher)

Great application that facilitates communication, and allows the user to talk through their own animated character.
Represents a “safe place” – to communicate as that character.  

- Marianne (parent)