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Only nawmalEDU enables you to turn your text-based lessons into engaging videos.

With nawmalEDU you can do it, and you can do it quickly.

The examples below illustrate how you can use nawmalEDU to create animated introductions to your lessons and your students can practise valuable skills while having fun creating their own videos. 

Elizabeth Ratcliffe

We're enormous fans of Elizabeth Ratcliffe, who created her movie as part of a school project on Pompeii. Elizabeth is 9 years old, and is a student at a school in England. We think her video is excellent and we wanted to share it with you.

student using nawmal

While frequently used to inject humor or an element of fun, Joel McMullen at Indian State University created a series of videos addressing the more serious topic of academic misconduct.
A fun project on ants, created by Mary Fiore, with her grand children Oliver and Chloe.

Eric Valor

Eric used the software in a very unique way. In 2006 Eric was surfing and snowboarding. By early 2007, Eric needed a wheel-chair, and by September of that year, he was confined to bed. He can now only communicate using a computer screen that tracks his eye movements. This dramatic change was brought on by the onset of ALS – remember the Ice-Bucket Challenge? Eric is one of the people that was trying to help.

Eric is now an advocate and spokesperson for a number of ALS related causes, and is a passionate creator of videos using our software controlled through his eye-tracking computer.

To learn more about Eric please visit his website, and support him in any way you can.

eric valor

in 2017, Eric spoke via avatar at the March for Science - San Francisco